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Liner Making Machine

Seller: Hengshui Fangchen FRP Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Liner making machine, as its name implies, is specially designed for fabricating the liner layers of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pipes. It has auto resin spraying device and Taida PLC numerical control device. Thus, resin can be sprayed in accurate quantity to prevent waste phenomenon. Meanwhile, the film, mat and grid fabric are winded automatically to the mandrel by a trolley moving horizontally along the mandrel.

Equipped with tension brackets, our liner making machine allows for smooth & precise lap joints without any artificial nonconformity and inaccuracy. Meanwhile, it adopts frequency conversion linkage control system between the mandrel and moving trolley, that is to say, the trolley can move in different speeds accompanied with the mandrel. In addition, the trolley moves smoothly by gear wheel and it has monitor platform to convenient control & operation.